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In between dark and light I chose you

In between fire and ice I chose you

In between sorrows and joy I chose you        

In between nothingness and everything I chose you

In between stars and galaxies I chose you

Oh! But I see you deserted me

You left for your peace

You kept your heart whole

While I am left alone broken with mine

I was not left with choice because you choose your peace over mine

All alone now with what is left of me, picking the broken pieces of heart

Now is the time to regenerate that was supposed to be

The broken heart can still do wonders; wings can still be used to fly high

No other heart breaks; now it’s just me and my breakthrough

Now on the road to amour propre.

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I am in a nutshell waiting to meet out the world,

Do not hold me I am fragile, fearing to get broken.

I am ray of sunshine waiting to beam in the world,   Do not touch me I might taint, fearing to drain.

For a long time in murky waiting for a flame,            

Do not come near me; I might get scared of shadow. Yet, once I come to life there ain’t thing stopping me to triumph the prime me.
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Villain of the Story

Remember the person in school/college who literally does anything and everything just so we like them? You know they try so hard to fit-in, that we just laugh at and make fun!!

We are that person in someone’s life now; no matter what we try to do to change the situation for that one person. Harsh right? Well it’s true you can’t make everyone happy!

But wait you already know that you cannot make everyone happy; and you are not trying to do that what you are trying is for that one person or whatever is you feel important to show that even if they do not like you at first you want to give one more chance and see if that can change.

They want to hate you for no reason; maybe they have reason but it’s just too silly to even say it out loud. So why hate? Why not just put a stop to that vengeance and start fresh because you are already trying!!

People won’t stop to hate even you try to convince them you did nothing wrong and that is not your fault, when you did everything you could. At one point you need stop and admit it’s just their opinion or how they want to view others. There is nothing now you can do about it.

In the process to make others happy, so many times we have killed our joy. Left what was supposed to be ours just to make others opportune work. It’s like whatever we do for any of them it’s never going to be enough, yet will be the one villain.

Reasons people give to hate

You are just not getting the idea of what I want you to do for me.

I do not want you to do anything for me.

You will never be good enough for me.

I don’t like your face/skin/color.

I think you are dumb.

Whatever you do I will always hate you.

We all have heard these lines either in our or someone’s life. It feels like there is a veil in their eyes for not wanting to see the good in others.

What good you can bring to their lives.

When people give you reason like this, it’s not your fault when they hate you for no reason. You did try to play your part to make amends; despite your efforts you are being ignored. In situation like this you need to stay positive and say some good things to yourself, because you did well and that thing deserves appreciation.

Positive things to say to yourself

You did your best, to be polite with the people, despite them not liking you.

Be thankful for the vision that you have in your life to see good in others.

Know that you are giving your best.

You are worth everything, regardless of what people believe. Just trust yourself.

Be gentle to yourself, people do not know what road you came from and always remember things will be good when you choose what’s good for you.

Talk to yourself; what we think will always matter.

It’s okay to be yourself and think of your own good at times.

You are not selfish for looking out for yourself and people you love.


You are always gonna be the Villain of someone’s story, that’s okay the important thing is do not be the villain of your story just to be good person everyone likes…

You should not stop for doing well, even if the other person does not give approval for not using their techniques.

Just try to appreciate whatever good is out there. Because not everything can be patterned or in the box one has to think out of the box to help other and self to stay positive and do what makes you happy.

In the end it’s all about you and how you feel, make sure to be happy and satisfied with yourself.

You are brave and beautiful…

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Knowing Negativity

How do you recognize someone being negative in your space? And by space I mean polluting your aura. How do you deal with negativity? What are your ways to keep you through gloominess?

There are days when you do feel positive despite being everything bad. And in that moment you feel powerful for changing things around you. Yes that change is you and your inner power, the voice – that says you are the driving force that can lead from bad times to good too.

The positive in you speaks that you have gone through enough darkness in the past you can pass this one too. We all can recognize the gut feelings, about the situation we can go through if we pay attention to them.

Even with such situation we stay positive, yet there are people surrounding us will affect our aura and try to doom our motivation. People might not know the things they see impossible or bad, the other person has a different perspective to that situation.

So it’s kind of important to protect yourself from negative thoughts and create your positive aura around you.

I am not denying that everybody has a positive and negative side to what they see, hear or feel. But the important factor here is to consider how you feel for that particular situation and the way you want to react for the situation present in front of you!!

The good and bad goes hand in hand, it depends on you and your view to the situation how you want to persuade it. We humans need to understand that it’s the circumstances that make people do things which are not likeable. Though it does not give them license to go for bad deeds but yes beyond some limits you might feel enough is enough and you do need to get rid of these dark negative energies

So what do we do when there are people around you have toxic vibes and aren’t going away? Well we can of course take measures to clear our aura and stay positive despite border being negative.

The first step to deal with the situation is to identify the pessimist people around you, in order to stop believing their negative talk and find ways you find positive.

Signs of a pessimist

So here are some common signs that you will find in negative people. This is not to get scare about because anyways negative people are all around you. So let’s have a look on signs.

They say it’s too good to be happening

Negative people would not believe that good things can happen to people especially in their surroundings, they think only famous /rich people might want in life.

Judging others constantly rather than improving their performance

So these people have a common habit to judge what people are up to, I believe there are two reasons to this either to gossip and create negativity or to see where they can give suggestions we should not be taking that particular action because they do not feel it’s right in their mind. It’s like they are eager to cut our lines rather than extending their lines.

Jealously of other’s who are ahead of them

Negative people often feel envious when they are not given priority and for that cause other are getting chance to go ahead, they do not see that the other person is way working hard since a long time to get that promotion or any other good chance..

Find compliments rude     

There is a vicious cloud in the mind of negative people if you observe they think people are always talking about them and even when being complimented they find it might be some joke to get them- which is not true.

Focusing on problems rather than finding the solutions 

It’s easy to find solution when we have a problem, rather than stretching it and having discussions again and again- that would not change the situation but many people do not get that simple thing.

Trouble maintaining relationships  

Pessimist people will always find difficulty in maintaining their relationships because of their attitude towards situation and life, they are not lost cause but it’s just matter to change their perspective towards life to change their lives.

Finds obstacles impossible to overcome
there are obstacles in every human’s life and each one of them have to deal with their own. They are given as our ability to solve, so it’s kind of unfair to compare others problems with ours because it would not be same. So instead of comparing it we can believe in ourselves that we can overcome the situation because it’s specifically designed for us to overcome our fear or any obstacle…

So after we identify the people disturbing our aura, we can make some changes in our day to day life so that this negativity does not affect us

How to keep yourself from negative people? 

As pessimist people are clear by not going anywhere, leaving us from their spooky thought system. So let’s build a wall of positive thoughts around us.

Focus on you energy

It’s not in our hands to control others, so it’s kind of better that we keep up our energy high and deal with our issues. We might come across solutions we are looking for!

Find solution to your problems

Each being are being tested by obstacles according to their understanding like math problems in class. We have to find answers to our problems by ourselves, and by discussing it with negative people will raise doubts on you might not be able to overcome the barrier. So it’s better to keep it from them.

Stop trying to fix other’s broken wing

It’s not our job to fix other people’s mindset too!! Many of us are usually on a mission to help people with their issues, it’s quite noble… yet there are some who would point you for being good. Such a thing will waste your energy and positive vibe. It’s sometimes better to keep some news to ourselves be it good to be shared.

Maintain your peace

Nobody is more important than you and your piece of mind. Never compromise on your mental well-being. Draw boundaries on where to stop people from entering your positive vibe.

Avoid people getting in your head

There are 7.8 billion people around the world, everyone has their own views, opinions, and you may want to listen to it but always do what you feel right through your inner-feelings.


No matter what people say you can always have a choice to listen to your inner-feelings and you can respond however you want to because it’s your life, your situation and your obstacle to deal with…

Do not let other people’s thought get in your head it’s their view not yours…

It’s time to be happy for yourself 🙂

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