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Let’s assume there is a water jug on the table. Now what is the purpose of a water jug?

It is filled with water and one can pour it in a glass whenever they are thirsty and or in need of water.

If people will start taking water from the jug, then naturally it will become empty if no one fills it after regular interval. A jug has its limit to store you cannot pour more than its capacity, while less storage will not fulfill its purpose. When no one fills the jug, you will either discard it as of no-use or put it somewhere you don’t have to pay attention.

Just like a water jug your soul needs its energy and mind needs knowledge at regular intervals

One must update themselves in order to be in market. We cannot assume we will be irreplaceable but we can always try to update and rejoice for our own sake. 

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An Independent Decision Maker!

Don’t let other take a lead in your life. 

You are the key person of your life, always remember. By giving away your desicion rights in hand of others you are also letting them know they are in-charge of your life. Which signals they can be the boss of you any time they want. 

Learn to make your choices by yourself. wheather it be good or bad you will learn things. It gives you ability to develop your skills and learn to read others and their actions. 

Deciding can be a hard part if we were not given the chance in childhood. A lot of  parents now want their infants to take even the smallest decision and let them have their power to say no if they don’t like certain things.

While we were always taught that deciding for anything was a job for grown-ups. Liberty for deciding on certain aspects of our lives is important if we want to prove ourself as an Independent person who can take their own decisions. 

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Something To Think about!

When I give something to someone in need.

I want them to feel happy and satisfied!!!

Not because they’ll give me blessing – that’s a barter.

Or because of me they were satisfied – thats a God thing to do, I don’t wanna be a God to them.

What I want is for them to feel a fellow human is there to help the one when in need! 

Photo by Monica Turlui on Pexels.com

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Hey guys! 

So… I know the struggles we do with a working day; when we have passed our weekend in a beautiful bliss which happen to go a lot faster every week!!!

A lot of us might already be working from home. Which started fine last year as we get to work while be with our family but then we get to work all the time past office hours too?

Which is really frustrating and a-lot time we spent on screen to complete our work. All this while we still have a giant Monday morning meeting coming up every week!!

What should we do to relax our self on a stressful Monday? 

How should we deal on a Monday without getting a headache?

Do we pour all of our energy in passing this day only?

Yes, I know this is how we feel when a Monday shows up after a refreshing weekend. But you shouldn’t go all Mega Monday mode!

I know it’s one thing to say and another to act. Believe me I would be nervous to on how my week’s first would go. Some of us would predict it, some will be nervous like me, and a very few others who like Monday as much as a best friend!

I have made peace with mine though! 

How did I do that? 

I Made small parts of the day to keep me from getting frustrated and having a headache. 

I basically give myself some task while doing my office work and meetings.

Here are some steps I follow every Monday

Divide your work into small task

Take in-between breaks

Keep working with a peaceful mind as to waste less energy

Try to make them understand your point of view

Speak with a peaceful tone even if you are irritated so as to avoid collision with others

Do a breathe-in, breathe-out activity to keep your mind in check

Find out one thing you can do to make you think of a happy place and relive that moments to refresh your mind

Work at your pace

Know your limits with working your mind 

Plan your activity

Keep hydrating yourself 

Nourish your skin through-out the day

Decide one hour of the day to be your happy hour 

These are some of the things I like to do every now and then.

You can choose yours too, about how you want to plan out your day. 

Remember, if you don’t plan the next thing you will be working; that will make chaos to which thing you want to work on first.

So, the important step is planing, organising yourself and your work.

The less hectic your work frame the more free you feel.

So plan your days, but always have a buffer time between the task so you don’t stress-out.

Finally, in the end I will always suggest whatever you do always be happy yourself first!

Self care is the first care.

Be Brave and Beautiful!

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Stay Healthy and Happy like a Bubble;)

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EARTH – Reset Mode On

Have you ever wondered, how life would have been if we were not to complicate it or just would have taken as it was!! There Might not have been with such cool gadgets or expensive presents yet it would be calm in a way we enjoy it!! For this serene sense of being one has to surrender itself in nature. As nature is the almighty of the living.

I believe Nature has its own role to play. In situation when you need it does help to sooth you and give u a new perspective. Nature gives you way more than u need but when realised things are taken for granted it does have harsh effect on us as society and on a large level as world.

There is a saying “whatever happens, happens for good” – but what’s good in this situation we as the world is suffering?

Circumstances are maddening for humans. We sense fear for being ripped apart from our beloved ones. We are tired in this dreadful time to get over it. All this being so painful for the human kind. Yet we are fighting for our survival. 

That being the human side story. Now the other side on coin as lot more to see than words can even explain.

How about the time when for decade humans were ignorant while nature and other species were struggling to survive because of our wrong doings to them.Be it killing animals mercilessly for making leather from their skin or cutting trees so that we get stylish wooden furniture.

Ohh wait!!! 

Aren’t we humans paying for getting oxygen bottle which was free of cost, now that we are trapped in shambles.Nature simply switches some light and we are on the death bed, as results to balance the payment of our deeds. 

Okay!! We made mistake, we agree so whats the fault of small children or the frontline workers? The people who are helping us day and night!!

No! They are not at fault they are simply caught in between the fire. They are paying the price for the deeds they didn’t signed up for.Nature protects those who protect nature.So start from today. Love your surrounding environment. Do help animals and nature to grow. Make plants happy, talk to them- they might not respond to you but they are living beings. You’ll feel loved.

Give yourself to nature and see yourself grow. 

Be Brave and Beautiful!

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In between dark and light I chose you

In between fire and ice I chose you

In between sorrows and joy I chose you        

In between nothingness and everything I chose you

In between stars and galaxies I chose you

Oh! But I see you deserted me

You left for your peace

You kept your heart whole

While I am left alone broken with mine

I was not left with choice because you choose your peace over mine

All alone now with what is left of me, picking the broken pieces of heart

Now is the time to regenerate that was supposed to be

The broken heart can still do wonders; wings can still be used to fly high

No other heart breaks; now it’s just me and my breakthrough

Now on the road to amour propre.

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I am in a nutshell waiting to meet out the world,

Do not hold me I am fragile, fearing to get broken.

I am ray of sunshine waiting to beam in the world,   Do not touch me I might taint, fearing to drain.

For a long time in murky waiting for a flame,            

Do not come near me; I might get scared of shadow. Yet, once I come to life there ain’t thing stopping me to triumph the prime me.